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Muddy Bay
Late Ceramic Age (Post Saladoid)

Muddy Bay (PH-14) is a late period ceramic age site situated in Nonsuch Harbour. The area of prehistoric settlement is delineated by large quantities of shell and ceramic debitage. The site was investigated by Reg Murphy for his Masters Degree at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario. David Cruz, also of Trent University completed a comparative study of the faunal remains for his Masters. Several others have conducted research at the site. Of note are, Christy de Mille, lithic analysis, and Dr. Paul Healy (Trent University) (field research and radiometric analysis).

While not rich in exotic artifacts, Muddy Bay provided good information about the late ceramic age on Antigua. It is situated in the dry northeastern section of the island, and has exceptionally good preservation of organic material. Phytoliths, pollen, and microbotanical remains have been recovered and further investigations of the site is pending. The site is classified as a coastal fishing village. It is in close proximity to a larger site that predates it (Nonsuch PH-11) by 300 years. As the lands on which the site is situated are privately owned, its destruction is inevitable.