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Common Myths

The Arawaks and The Caribs
When the Europeans arrived in the Caribbean, they suggested that the Amerindians they meet and recorded in their journals were two different peoples, the peaceful Arawaks and the warring Caribs.

In fact, the true Arawak and Caribs lived side by side in the Guyanas and still do to this day.

The Siboney versus Archaic Peoples
It is commonly held that the first people who lived on Antigua were the Siboney.

In fact, the Siboney never existed on Antigua. We use the term Archaic People to describe these stone aged settlers.

Columbus landed on Antigua
It is falsely believed that Columbus landed on Antigua and that Santa Maria Hill near Cedar Grove was named by him.

The reality is that Columbus never landed on the island. On his second voyage in 1493, Columbus sighted Marie Gallant close to Guadeloupe and Dominica and from there headed north, naming many islands in the chain of Lesser Antilles--Santa Maria de Guadeloupe, Santa Maria de Montserrate, Santa Maria la Redonda. It was close to Redonda that Columbus saw Antigua on the horizon and named the island Santa Maria la Antigua. He continued sailing until he reached Hispaniola.

Volcano under the St. John's Cathedral
The Anglican Cathedral in St. John's is thought to be built on a volcano.

In fact, it is actually built on a fossilised reef.

Clarence House was built for the Duke of Clarence, King William IV
It is believed that Clarence House was built for the Duke of Clarence, King William IV when he visited in his ship, HMS Pegasus.

In fact, Clarence House was not built until more that thirty years after he had come and gone.

Nelson's Bed in the Dockyard
"Nelson's Bed" in the Dockyard Museum is Victorian! Nelson died in 1805, some 50 years or more before the bed was built.

The Caribs were cannibals
Completely false.

The need for the Caribs to be labeled as cannibals was linked with the need for the arriving Europeans obtaining permission for acquiring and exploiting their land.

The Caribs lived in the Caribbean
...........unlikely, but its a long story!

Bat's Cave leads to Dominica
Bat's Cave leads to Dominica and that slaves escaped through it or raiding Carib warriors, who carried off governors' wives.

False. The depth of water between the islands means that the cave would have to be more than three thousand feet underground. But, what a story!

Barbuda was a Stud Farm

Waladli versus Wadadli
The actual " Carib " name for Antigua is Wadadli.

In fact the name was Waladli. The mistake occurred when a popular calypsonian, Short Shirt, wrote a song using Wadadli. From this time on Waladli became Wadadli.